One time I was realy proud of my self was when me and my team got into the presedants day cup when all of the best teams go to play in the cup. It was the final soccer game of the season! We played the bulls! They are the hardes team we ever wen't a genst! Before the game I said to my self was will I win the finel game? Then the game started. When the game started. I am rigt haf back. It is on the right of the feiled and I can gow up and down the feild. I can be defence and forwerd. We were teid one to one and only about three minets in the game we thoght we were dead! Then sudenly merrik past the ball to me and BAM! I scored I was so happy!!! one minet past now all we had to do was to defend the ball and we wad be the chapeans of the u8! Two minets past. We won the finels! we are the undefeded team! And the best u8 team!!!!!We got a   first plase chrofy! Now that is the end of my story. Now you my comet.

Mrs. Thomas
4/4/2013 01:25:01 pm

Wow Keaton! You should be very proud of yourself. It sounds like you really had to show commitment and cooperating to win this game. It sounds like you really worked together as a team. It makes me think of our first unit- "Better Together"
You really wrote a lot on your post!


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